Law of Attraction for Network Marketers

I recently found a quote by Paul J. Meyer which I wanted to share with you.  It demonstrated to me that if we are constantly looking and paying attention and growing personally, we’ll notice things that we may have otherwise just have passed by and not given it a second thought.

As I continually read books on the subjects of personal branding, home based business, personal development, law of attraction, I am constantly noticing new skills and habits that becoming a part of me.  And with that I am now able to recognize things about success and the people that are successful that I would have missed before.  You truly do begin to see the world differently or through a new set of eyes.

As I study the principles of success and begin to implement them into my daily life, I have noticed that they are really the building blocks of success.  As one new habit is established another is beginning to take form and a presence in my life.  Everyone works and develops at their own pace, and I am no different.  Some people may develop these much quicker and some at a slower pace, but that’s OK, as long as you are growing in positive direction and personally growing onto a better human being and a successful person.

So without much further ado, here is the quote I read and wanted to share with you all.

“Experimenting with [a] magnet brought the law of attraction to life for me… positives attract, and negatives repel. When people allow fear, worry, doubt, indecision and other forms of negative thinking to determine the direction of their mental attitude, they shut off the positive power of their magnets.” —Paul J. Meyer

Learn more about Paul J. Meyer and his amazing books. To order books authored by Paul J. Meyer visit the Leading Edge Publishing Company.

As I meet new people and develop new relationships, I take extra care to pay attention to how we are interacting and at what level is the connection being made. It is easier to understand what someone truly wants when you understand the principle of the Law of Attraction.

That’s why people join clubs that they have an interest in and it is there that they develop healthy relationships because the law of attraction is in force there. They are like minded people attracted to a certain hobby or sport that they are passionate about, which makes it easier for them to relate to each other. You wouldn’t be very successful if you joined a chess club if you really didn’t care to play the game, people there would sniff you out in a heartbeat. However, there would be some who would take you under their wing and want to teach and coach you, but if your heart just isn’t in it, they would loose interest in you.

So, in closing, I want you to remember that we attract what we put out and what we like. Some times we don’t know that it is happening, but that is why it called a principle or law, it just happens. So, go out and appreciate those you interact with because the law of attraction has brought you together,

Home Based Business and Is It for Everyone

I am often asked about my home based business. Questions about whether or not I like it, do I enjoy it, am I making money, is it difficult, how do you find the time, and host of other questions very similar to these.

I gotta say that answering these questions is not hard for me and I enjoy it most of the time.  Sometimes the questions are probing to see if it’s worth their while.  Like, if I say I’m making a ton of money, then how do I also do that?  That’s because people do not realize that there is a building stage of the business.  Investment of time, training, learning, and marketing.

Giving an answer for these questions is sometimes difficult because I know that people are gauging me at the level I am at at this particular period of time in my business growth.  So, saying that I am earning a residual income, and not being allowed to answer how much because of income disclosure restrictions, can seem like I don’t want to share it and that I am not really earning this income.

I made this little video so I could share my thoughts about home based business and what it means to me and how I feel about it.

Feel free to contact me for any ideas or input regarding operating a home based business. Always consult with some involved in network marketing so you can ask questions and get their point of view and experience.

100 Typical Americans at Age 65

*Source: “Copycat Marketing 101   by Burke Hedges

Retirement Stats

Has the American Dream Become a Nightmare?

Go to School and Get Good Grades

It used to be that you would study hard, get good grades, go to college, graduate, and get a fabulous job working at the company you wanted, doing what you had studied to do.  Well, unfortunately, that is not exactly how it plays out, for the majority of people studying and trying to improve their lives.

With the economy in a tailspin and jobs being regularly farmed out of the country, opportunities are becoming less and less.  The days of finding a company to work at and retire from is increasingly becoming a trend of the past.  Nowadays, most people are lucky to find work, no matter what it is, just to make ends meet and to keep their mortgage current.

So, What Happened?

What has become of the American Dream?  Ever dreamed of owning your own business?  Of course, everyone dreams of owning their own business and being successful.  That dream has also been crushed with the recent economic downturn.  Businesses are struggling in these lean times due to people tightening their budgets.  Only the strong will survive.  It’s going to be survival of the fittest in these coming years.

With unemployment on the rise and people worrying about their financial solvency, it’s no wonder that people that have a amazing degrees and formal education, are finding themselves in blue collar jobs.  Sink or swim.  Increasingly people are working at jobs they never wanted to work at, with the hopes that they will find work in their respective field or area of specialty.  And as many are finding out, the hard way, this can be a long and winding road.

Still, many Americans are doing well despite the economy.  Some jobs are needed and will not and cannot be farmed out.  Government jobs, hospital workers, law enforcement, food and beverage, and many others.  For the most part, the US is still the land of prosperity and abundance.  But, you have to look for it and know how to be part of that prosperity and abundance.

A True Story…

Just last night I had a conversation with a good friend of mine and he recounted a recent story.  Him and his family went away to Breezes in Turks and Caicos and he met some other vacationers.  During their stay they became friendly and discussed among other things, the state of economic affairs.  Bobby being the entrepreneur and the good human being he is, offered some suggestions on how to take the same vacation for about 75% less.

Of course this was met with resistance.  First, skepticism and then suspicion.  Sounds too good to be true.  What do I have to do?  How much will it cost?  Well, when some tells you that they paid a fraction of what you paid and the trip is a tax write off, you should pay some attention.  But wait, it gets better.  The family they met on this trip paid approximately $8,000.00 for the trip.  But of course, spending a few hundred dollars a year to learn about a business that would save you and your pocketbook $5,000.00 is unimaginable to some!

Just Spinning Your Wheels

It just goes to show that some people will rather spend the money than try to better themselves and save money.  This is a cold hard fact.  That is why the statistic I put up the previous post is true.  Some people do not have the vision or the will to try and better themselves.  Instead, they take a “let’s hunker down and see what happens approach” and pray they do not lose their jobs.

I keep saying…In order for things to change, you have to change .  You have to change first and foremost.  Your thinking, your attitude, your outlook.  Once you reprogram what you think, your attitude and your outlook, your vision is of the future is clearer and brighter.

The American Dream is alive and well, but in another form.  Stay tuned for my follow up.

My Close Encounter with a Hungry Networker

I recently attended a small private seminar held by an accomplished master keynote speaker.  The ambience was very laid back and you got a very serene peaceful feeling from his humble home where he holds these seminars.  The atmosphere is very inviting and you almost feel like you’re home.  From the minute you take off your shoes and walk in, you are offered a morning beverage of your choice: coffee, specialty tea or water.

I entered the warm home and found myself a spot to sit among the other attendees, of which I counted 15.  The atmosphere was definitely low key networking but in a way I have never experienced.

The Seminar Starts

The seminar finally got started and everyone was very attentive to the information, lessons, and anecdotes provided by our seminar leader.  The man himself is a true giver, unselfishly gives of himself to help others prosper.  Through the morning hours I learned shortcuts that would in all honesty, probably take years to learn through trial and error.  This was absolutely a backstage glimpse into how to promote and get booked for public speaking.

When it was mid-morning, the speaker then focuses on the attendees and asks everyone to say why they are there and what they would like to accomplish.  The answers were all different.  For some this was a very personal affair.  For some, enlightening.  At times, this event felt like some mini-retreat and self-awareness session.  And I’ll venture to say, it had a therapeutic effect for some of the audience members.  But, for some, this was a chance to try and score a new prospect!

The Hungry Networker Reveals Himself

One of the attendees was honest in stating the reason he attended, which was to network and meet new prospects and hopefully sign up some people.  At this point he stood out as the most unattractive being in that living room.  The ulterior motive was now rearing its ugly head.

After the seminar the attendees are encouraged to network amongst themselves and discuss the finer points of the seminar.  It was at this point that the hungry networker sniffed me out as “his competition”.  (Yikes!)  I didn’t and I normally don’t promote my business as an in your face insincere show of interest in what you do.  And that’s what began to unfold right in front of my very eyes.

You see, I was speaking to a very nice lady with whom I wanted to know more about her business because it correlates to mine.  But once the hungry networker smelled that I was in the same business he made himself “present”.  You know what I mean, they just come around and start joining the conversation, and not that I mind, but they join to “take over”.  He didn’t want to loose a prospect at this event.  (Whew!)

I quickly realized that the hungry networker was going to “move in” on the conversation I had started.  And with all the finese of an elephant in ballet shoes he set out to establish a “rapport” with his future prospect.  I just moved on and felt sorry for abandoning that nice lady.  But, she did appear very with it and intelligent and his modus operandi must have also been obvious to her.

The Irony

A short while later, as I was saying my good-byes to the beautiful host and hostess of this very interesting seminar, I happened to over hear a brief snippet of a conversation the hungry networker was having with new potential prospect and another female attendee.  Mr. Hungry Networker was waxing poetic about how he doesn’t need personal development or motivational books.  He pretty much implied that the people who do read these books, well, that they are off center somehow.

This was coming from a man who had earlier stated to a group of strangers that he had been in transistion the past 20 years.  What does that mean?  Can’t hold down a job?  Not finding your true calling?  What exactly does it mean?  But, here he is appearing to be desperate about promoting his business.  His last chance to right a life time of poor choices and decisions.  Maybe it’s not quite this scenario, but that’s how it came across.

But the irony of it all is this.  Here he is speaking ill of personal development and motivational speaking or speakers, when the network marketing business he so promotes, at its core, promotes personal development.  Yes, the business he promotes at its core promotes personal development and appreciation.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if you are going to promote a vitamin company, you should not go around saying that vitamins are just for “wussies”.  There’s a slight contradiction, don’t you think.

Hungry Networker Entraps Himself

And how is anyone going to take you serious?  The hungry networker sabotaged himself because he is not passionate about his business, he is passionate about making a buck off of as many people as possible.  So that is why he behaves that way.  He may score a few people here and there, but he is the reason that people sometimes come to hate network marketing, because a Hungry Networker schmoozed them into the business and then left them to fend for themselves.  Too bad for his victims and too bad for the honest network marketers.

But, I survived my close encounter with this Hungry Networker.  And I hope that you will also be able to spot him in a networking jungle.  They blend in with the crowd, a wolf in sheeps clothing, but beware!

Building Your Organization Vs. Working Your Business

I recently sat down with a nice gentleman I met at a networking event.  I was happy to meet with him, since he made an effort to meet with me and begin to establish a rapport.  Dan showed up a few minutes early and was dressed in a pleasing casual attire that reflected his relaxed but still professional attitude.  We greeted each other and proceeded to go and find a table at the coffee shop in Barnes and Noble.

It became clear to me that Dan takes his business seriously and is knowledgable in the products he has to offer.  What also impressed me was that he was not trying to “soft sell” me.  His first and foremost objective was to get to know me and what I have to offer.  And in the process he communicated to me what he does and the products he offers so that I can better serve him by way of quality referrals.

While speaking to Dan I couldn’t help but be impressed about his knowledge of network marketing.  He has certainly done his homework and as he stated to me, he can earn an income whether or not he has a downline or associates.  While he earns substantially more than I can with my customers I did notice a few differences.  One, while I earn smaller amounts of residual income, they grow as my customer base grows.  Secondly, as I grow my organization, it will make all the difference down the road, since whether I ant to work or not, I will still an income.

Of course, the amount I can earn is relative to how big I am able to grow my organization.  So, even if Dan does not grow his organization, he is able to earn substantial amounts of money in a the short term, however, if he decides to stop, so does the income.  On the other hand, although I am not earning close to what he earns per sale, in the long run, Dan will have to keep working just to equal my income.  All this while I am on vacation or just relaxing.

This is not compare one company versus another.  I actually really like and respect his company; I have purchased one of their products and regularly recommend the product to friends and family.

The difference lies in the way each of us approaches the business and what we both need at the present time.  I personally want to build a strong organization that will continue to flourish and grow long after I stop.  And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.  Since I have started my organization has averaged 3 distributors monthly.  And this will grow exponentially as time goes by and I continue my efforts, and encourage my associates to do the same.

When you are looking for a company and sponsor to work with, investigate their motives and their philosophy.

My philosophy is to grow a strong organization and teach others how to do the same.  It is not impossible.  Anyone who is willing to learn, is coachable, and wants to change their current situation, can do it with the right sponsor/coach/mentor.

Plus, you need to know if the prospective sponsor has knowledge of current internet trends and techniques that help your business grow.

Dedicated to your success,